Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy Down Syndrome Awareness Month! 31 For 21, Day 1

Hooray! 31 for 21 is here! I am really hoping for two things by committing to blogging each day this month.

1. That I can help to make others more aware of Down syndrome in general.

2. That I don't bore everyone to death.

The rules of 31 for 21 are pretty open. You don't have to blog about Down syndrome specifically every day if you don't want to. I'm glad for that rule but I am really hoping to have something pertaining to Down syndrome every day, even if it is just a picture of Tyler.

I would love topic ideas from all of you. Is there anything about Tyler that you'd like to know? Are you curious why we chose to adopt a child with Down syndrome? Do you have questions about Down syndrome in general? Please, ask away!

I am really looking forward to this month of posts. I am also looking forward to reading the other blogs that have also committed to 31 for 21. I LOVE connecting with other families.

Wish me luck!!

1 comment:

jkribbit said...

I definitely vote for pictures!! Lots!! Maybe some video!! Of all three kids!! :) I'm excited to read your blog this month! Love you guys!