Saturday, December 6, 2008


Lots to report.....let's see.....Clinic went well today. Ty got Methotrexate, Vincristine and IVIG. He also started a cycle tonight which means 'roid rage. Hopefully it won't be too bad. His immunoglobulin counts are coming up which means the IVIG is doing its job. He is gaining weight, slowly but surely. Thankfully he is doing really well!

Thank you all so much for your continued love, support and prayers. We truly could not make it through without all of you!!


The Truames said...

Hurray for Ty and Brent hanging in there! We are so rooting for you and hoping the docs figure out the reinfection mystery! Lots of love coming atcha every day! xx oo A, L, & K

Lanna said...

I've been checking in multiple times a day for an update, hoping for good news. I'm glad Brent is home, even if there are still unanswered questions.