Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Music

Emmalee LOVES to sing.  She sings all the time.  She sings well known songs and songs she makes up.  She has been learning lots of Christmas songs at school.  Yesterday she came home singing Deck The Halls.  She only knows the first line and she sings it over and over and over and over again.  This is how it goes, according to Emma...

Deck the halls with pals of la la la la la la.

Hopefully she will learn the remaining verses soon.  


Colette said...

LOVE the new look! Have a great holiday!!!

jkribbit said...

One of our favorite home movies is of Mom and Dan when Dan was 2ish. Mom sang the verse to Deck the Halls and then Dan sang "Fa ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya...." it is fabulous!

Sue said...

I love their versions so much more than the classics. I can picture Emma singing it too!

Pam said... cute!! Chloee used to sing things like that too, I can't think of what she sang, but we laughed so hard...I'll get back to you when I remember it!

Thanks for making me smile!