Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Brent Wednesday Update

Ty is doing well. He has clinic on Friday and starts a new cycle. It will be a long day with IVIG and such. Luckily we won't have to go back for three weeks. Gotta love that! Brent is still not doing great. The pain isn't much better. His hand and arm are still very red and swollen. Then last night when Emma and I were visiting him I noticed that his left arm was getting red and swollen also. We told the nurse and then I marked the redness with a pen. About an hour later the redness had grown outside the line quite a bit and his whole arm was hot. They took him down for an ultrasound of his left arm and discovered that he had a blood clot. Yikes! They are treating it with blood thinners and such. Not sure what caused that. They are obviously watching him very closely and still trying to determine what is causing the other infection. They don't have any blood culture results back, as far as I know. So, that's where we stand this morning. I will update more as I know. Thank you to everyone for your love and prayers for our whole family.


Paulette said...

OH NO!!!!!! My prayers are with you!

Pam said... guys totally need a break.

I hope things are better soon, and that Brent is home soon as well.

I have been thinking of you lots, and keeping you in our prayers.


The Truames said...

We're loving you all and rooting for you! Here's to Brent's immune system and all the super hard work it is doing--go Brent go! xx oo A, L, & K

Anonymous said...

Hey Jodie,

So sorry Brent is not better. I pray that blood clot dissolves and the infection clears. I am personally having some serious health issues and other difficult issues but when I feel sorry for myself all I have to do is think of the Gardners and that makes me realize my problems aren't so bad! Keep hanging in there! You guys are so strong! You are an inspiration! God bless!

Jan J., mama to Lily and Jing

UmmNaji said...

You guys continue to be in my prayers. Hoping Brent is better soon! Very soon! Like yesterday!