Monday, December 1, 2008

Just Another Night in the ER

Yep, it's true.  Seems we can't go for more than a few weeks without a visit to Hotel Strong.  This time it isn't Tyler or's Brent.  He has a nasty infection in his right hand and arm now.  His hand has been red and swollen for a couple of days.  By this afternoon the redness was streaking up his arm and his whole arm was hot.  Thankfully we got him to the ER before it got much worse.  They didn't give him any choice, he was admitted right away.  He'll likely have to be there for two or three days to get a good round of IV antibiotics going.  They think it is likely MRSA, given his history of that.  

Thank goodness my mom is still here.  I'm also thankful that I am now more mobile and able to drive.


The Truames said...

oh no! prayers coming your way pronto for a speedy recovery for brent! lots of love, Anneliese (
& kai who is headbanging my chest after feeding ;) )

Erickson Entertainment Weekly said...

Woman, can you guys please just calm it down! Enough hospital visits. Your family reminds me of mine growing up - someone was ALWAYS going to the ER. Good luck and hope everything clears up soon.

Amy said...

Glad to see you're keeping the hospital in business. My husband needs to keep his job:) On a serious note, we wish Brent a speedy recovery.