Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday Tyler Update

Tyler is doing pretty well today. Actually, he is in really good spirits and being his wild self. :) He hasn't had a fever, thank goodness, and they are pumping him full of antibiotics. The culture results aren't back in yet as far as what type of infection he has in the skin. They are worried about MRSA since he has had that in the past. Hopefully we'll know more tomorrow. For now, we're just prayinig that we aren't there the entire weekend. Brent is staying with him tonight so I can hang out at home. I'll update again tomorrow when I know more.


Jodi said...

Thinking of Tyler and many prayers coming his way.

terilynnh2000 said...

Poor little Ty. Can you put a link to his caring site near his picture or something? Check my blog too... Gabi is thinking of Ty as well. :)

amy flege said...

awwww the poor lil guy! I hope he is feeling better soon! give him a kiss from us!