Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tyler LOVES School!

Tyler and Emmalee have both been sick the past few days. I kept Tyler home from school on Monday and Tuesday. I don't think Tyler was too excited about that. On Saturday when he woke up I went into his room and he was doing the "GO, GO, GO" chant. I told him there was no school that day and he cried. It was so sad! On Sunday we had the same conversation with the same results. Monday he did pretty well. Yesterday he didn't ask at all. Then today when I went to get him he was doing the chant again. I told him, "today, you get to go to school!!" He clapped and said, "YAY!!" He was so excited to see the bus driver that he nearly jumped out of my arms before I could hand him off. His teacher sent home a note saying that he was so happy in school this morning.

I am just thrilled that he loves it so much. I hope he always feels this way about school.


Colette said...

Jodie...I am so glad he loves school! I am sorry they have both been sick...ugh!!! Hope all is well with you! Hugs

wsweden said...

I am so glad he loves school. For the first couple years Justin attended school we were not allowed to use that word in our home. Every time we mentioned it he covered his ears. It makes so much easier when they enjoy it.

terilynnh2000 said...

Please tell me that you have, or plan to get this on tape! He's such a love!