Monday, September 17, 2007

Strawbeddy Mecadine For My Heckache

The kiddos both have bad head colds. Blah! I feel so badly for them. I knew this would happen as soon as Tyler started school. He has such a weak immune system and anything he gets, Emma seems to get as well. Poor littles.

We have been giving Emmalee cold medicine at night to help with her symptoms. (We'd love to give it to Tyler also but he refuses to take it. That's another story!) Anyway, at bed time I asked her how she was feeling and she said, "I need some strawbeddy mecadine for my heckache." Talk about just plain adorable! I love her sweet little voice, even with the added nasaly sound due to congestion. What a little love bug!

Here's hoping they both feel better soon!


Paulette said...

I emphathize with the colds around town... its happening here too..poor little kiddos..hope that this one passes quickly!

MyKidsMom said...

Awww...poor littles. Hope all are felling better soon. And Em is just too cute.

terilynnh2000 said...

It's amazing how much she is talking now! Too cute!!