Friday, September 7, 2007

Pre-School, Day Two

Tyler was so excited to go this morning. In fact, at about 2:00 this morning he was laying in bed giggling and laughing. Brent went in to get him and he said, "go, go, go!!" He was ready for school! He finally went back to sleep around 4:00 and we figured he'd sleep in a little past his usual 6:00 to 6:30. Nope. He was awake and ready to go, go, go again. He is such a hoot. When his bus driver got here, he gave me a kiss and hug and went right to Larry! He will do well at school and I am so happy for him.

Emmalee was not so happy this morning. She told me, "Bubba not going to school anymore!" And then after he left she said, "Momma, I want to see Bubba again." Poor girl. This is going to be tough on her. She already asked if he has to go tomorrow. I was happy to be able to tell her no.
As for me, I think reality is setting in. I cried last night and again this morning. I miss him already. Thank goodness it is only a few short hours until he is home!


Paulette said...

I emphathize with you... As much as I love seeing my kids grow and thrive AND going to school, I miss not having them with me too. I've been feeling the different emotions.. The Love and Life of a Mother! All the good, bad and everything in between!

Michelle said...

thanks so much for the prayers!

That is great that he's so excited about school, not so much waking up at 2am though! LOL

MyKidsMom said...

Sounds like Tyler is off to a great start. So glad to hear he is doing so well.

Sheryl said...

I'm sure it's hard for Emmalee to have her buddy gone. She'll soon learn that she has you all to herself and I'm sure that will be fun for her too. I'm so glad you took pictures of such a big first day. How grown up he looks!

Wondering when you will find us said...

He is funny, ready to go sooo early! Glad he love's it!Sorry your missing him mom!

wsweden said...

I am so glad he is enjoying school. Emmalee will start to enjoy the one on one time with you when she adjusts to his new schedule.