Sunday, January 21, 2007

Truly Blessed

Do you ever have one of those moments where you want to say something to someone but realize it isn't your place and it would be completely inappropriate? This was my experience last night. I made my weekly Saturday night pilgrimage to Wal-Mart. Which, if I may go off subject for a moment, is a crazy place to be on a Saturday night, (or any night for that matter.) They do their re-stocking at night and it is like an obstacle course to get through the aisles. At any rate, back to my original post. As I was manuvering my cart through the aisles, I came upon a couple, man and woman, who I assume were married. They were next to me at the dairy case and I couldn't help but overhear what was being said. The man was so rude to this woman that I just wanted to backhand him. He was telling her what an idiot she was for not remembering that they already had whatever it was they were looking at at home. She just stood there, looking completely downtrodden and I wanted to reach over and shake her into reality. This man was a total jerk. I saw them in several more aisles and listened as he loudly verbally abused this woman. It occurred to me that if he were so willing to do this in public, how must he treat her at home? I wanted to go over and say something. I wanted to reach over and hug her and tell her that she didn't deserve to be treated this way. I wanted to smack him. I wanted to cry. I wished I had the number to an abuse hotline in my pocket so I could slip it to her when he wasn't looking.

I got home and just hugged my husband. I am truly blessed to be married to my best friend. I am thankful to know that Brent would never treat me this way and I am also thankful to know that I would never allow it. I hope I can instill this same confidence in my children.


Jessica said...

I feel the same way... I see husbands treating their wifes badly and I want to smack them across the face. I too am blessed to have such a wonderful husband!

Jessica said...
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