Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Things My Child May Never Do

*Be potty trained by age four.
*Use the proper utensils when eating.
*Speak using proper grammar.
*Learn to write.
*Have friends.
*Be invited to a sleepover.
*Play sports.
*Run a marathon.
*Learn to read.
*Pass school tests.
*Get good grades in school.
*Finish high school.
*Get and/or keep a job.
*Move out of the house.
*Go to college.
*Get married.

These are all things my child may never do and that's okay. Oh, and because Tyler has Down syndrome, he may never do these things either! I have come to realize that even though Emmalee is a "typical" child, there is no guarantee that she will accomplish all these things. And although Tyler has Down syndrome, that doesn't automatically exclude him from doing these things. Tyler has just as much potential as any of my other children or any child for that matter. True, it may take him longer than other children and he may not do it as well as others. But I fully believe that our little boy will be able to do anything he sets his mind to. In fact, we'll expect him to do his best, to work hard and to accomplish all the goals he can! I also know in my heart that his accomplishments will be that much more rewarding for us and for him. What a blessing he is! And Emmalee too! :)


terilynnh2000 said...

You got me on that one! Tyler and Em are so lucky to have you as thier mommmy!

Our family said...

none of these kiddos come with warranties, do they?? unless i missed something in all that paperwork - you never know! your kids are beautiful little people, buds of pure potential. how lucky they are to have you as their gardner (sic!)
:) gen