Sunday, March 8, 2009

Tyler Sunday Update

Not a ton of news to report tonight. Tyler is still doing well. We did find out today that the culture that they took from around his g-tube grew a host of bacteria. They're thinking that it's probably a contaminated sample and they will likely repeat the culture to see if something definite grows. Until then they continue to treat him with the Vanco.

We did get to move to 4-3600 tonight and we are so glad! Everyone on 4-1400 was wonderful but it is nice being back here where everyone knows us. Tyler was thrilled to see "his girls!"

That's pretty much it from here. Two of Tyler's friends are also in this weekend so it's kind of a mini-reunion for the moms. One of these days our children will realize that they don't have to get sick and end up in the hospital in order to see one another. :) Please keep our friends Brooklynn and Maddy in your prayers also as well as our friend Anna who is in Boston right now.

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