Sunday, March 8, 2009

Tyler Saturday Update

Ty is doing well. Actually, he is acting fine. He is his usual giggly self today which is a great thing! The only discomfort he has is when someone is messing with his g-tube. It still looks awful and has lots of drainage. They have him on Vancomyacin for now until they know exactly what kind of infection it is. We haven't heard any results yet. Hopefully we'll know more tomorrow.
We are not in our usual unit this time. All the private rooms on 4-3600 were occupied last night so they put us on 4-1400 which is the adolescent unit. Everyone here is really nice but it isn't the same as being over with our friends. They're hoping to get us moved over soon.

Tyler has been charming everyone over here today. He is such a silly goose! He knows how to keep everyone smiling.

Thanks to everyone for your comments, love and prayers. I'll update tomorrow.

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