Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Love it!!

I am so excited!  I recently met another mom with a child with special needs.  She makes amazing, custom overalls for her daughter and other kids with special needs.  For those of you who don't know, Tyler has to wear overalls all the time.  It is necessary so that he doesn't get ahold of his colostomy bag, Mic-E button, medi-port needle when he's accessed, etc.  Overalls make life much easier.  :)

At any rate, Amy made Tyler some amazing overalls!  We haven't received them yet but she emailed me some pictures this morning.  I can't wait to get them!!  

If you happen to have any gently used overalls, boys or girls, any sizes, long pants or short, please let me know.  Amy relys on donations in order to make these.

Thanks again, Amy!!


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Those are SO cute!!!!

Kathleen said...

Those are really cute, I don't have any overalls but I will ask around. What a neat thing she does.

diana said...

Super cute! I'll look through our stuff & see if we have any. :)

Hafen Crew said...

Those are too cute! I can't wait to see a pic of him in them. I have a couple pairs of tan overalls. If she'll use them let me know and I will send them your way.

Joy :) said...

I love it, what a darling idea!! I hope everyone is doing well!!

Mels said...

That's cool! That would be great for toddlers who wont leave their diapers alone...like my neice. I love the idea.

Parenthood For Me said...

Those are very cute. I have a couple of pairs I could donate. Where do I send them to?
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Our mission is to provide financial and emotional support to those building families through adoption or medical intervention. We are holding our launch luncheon fundraiser April 26 at the Rochester Yacht Club. If you or anyone you know would be interested in attending, please email me. You can contact me through my website
We need help spreading the word.
Thank you so much.

Tricia said...

Glad to know things are quiet right now at your home. (Knock on wood!) I'm praying it stays that way!