Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tyler Thursday Update

Well Tyler certainly knows how to keep the folks here hopping. I guess he likes it here too much. He spiked a fever of 101 this morning and had a heart rate of 156. He also threw up in his bed. Not sure what is happening now. They gave him Tylenol right away which seemed to kick in quickly. They have him on a heart rate monitor which he hates! His heart rate is still running a little high and his blood pressure is too low. They started him on two different antibiotics just to be proactive in case he is getting some sort of bacterial infection. They also took blood in order to culture it and find out if there is something going on.
Like I said, Ty likes to keep us hopping. They did move us into a bigger room. Actually, we're back in room 28 which is where we spent the first eight weeks after he was diagnosed. They brought me in a hospital bed so I don't have to sleep on the horrible fold out recliner that we have nicknamed the crippler. It's not home but at least we'll be more comfortable. I didn't get to my doctor's appointment. I'll have to try and go another day.

I'll keep you all posted as we know more.


Lanna said...

Goodness! When do you ever get a break! My prayers are with you.

Sheryl said...

The 'crippler' - that's a good one! Very appropriate - especially after the number of nights you've spent on it!

I wish I was still just across the street and could come love you both. Thanks for keeping us updated on him - we're worried about him too. He's such a sweet little guy.