Monday, November 10, 2008

Tyler Sunday Update

Another quiet day, for the most part. Tyler seems to be feeling better today. He and Daddy slept quite a bit and I think he got more caught up on some much needed rest.

The good news is that he has tested negative for bacteria in his bloodstream for the past two days. That is one of the requirements for going home. The other good news is that they narrowed down the type of bacteria he had. Dr. Bruckner felt much more confident today knowing what it was. That made us feel much better. The antibiotics he is on seem to be doing the trick. He'll have to go home on IV antibiotics for awhile but that is totally doable. 

His g-tube feeds are going well. We're praying that the combination of increased nutrition and the proper antibiotics will be just what he needs to finally start feeling better. 

There is talk of possibly going home Monday. I think they want to see what the GI docs have to say and make sure, once again, that his blood cultures come back negative. We'll keep our fingers crossed. 

Thank you to everyone for the nice guest book comments as well as the love and prayers. Those prayers must be working! We love you all. I will update again tomorrow.

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