Monday, February 5, 2007

Emma The Opinionated

Those of you who know my children know that although she isn't even two years old yet, Emmalee can be quite opinonated and very vocal. She is a funny kid! She has most recently voiced her opinion on how we should re-decorate her room. When we lived in AZ, she and Tyler shared a room and it was decorated in Blue Jean Teddy and Blossom Bear. It was perfect for a boy/girl room. Since moving to NY, I have put Tyler in with Collin and done their room in sailboats. I have been wanting to change Emma's room to something a little more girly. I have tossed some ideas around -- Tinkerbell, fairies, Hello Kitty, etc. I had kind of settled on Hello Kitty simply because I figured it was something that wasn't too babyish and she could continue to grow into it. I took her shopping last weekend to see what she thought and if we could find some cute Hello Kitty stuff to get started. I was so excited. We went to Target and we were looking at the stuff I wanted to get. I really thought she would love it too. I picked out a couple of items and showed her and she threw them down and said, "NO!!" What do you mean, no? I was surprised and, quite frankly, a little offended! I asked her again, "don't you love Hello Kitty? Look how cute this is!" She yelled NO again! This wasn't going well. I put those things back and thought maybe we'd try Tinkerbell. "NO!!!" Pink flowers? "NO!!!" Ladybugs?? "NO, NO!!" She is not afraid to speak her mind. I figured it was back to the drawing board and we'd try again later. Then we moved on to the baby section to find some diapers. Guess what Emmalee found? POOH!! "I want Pooh!! Look Momma, Pooh, Pig-et!" She was clapping, she was cheering, she was thrilled! I was.....hesitant. I mean, Pooh is adorable and I love him. But, it is a little more juvenile than I was hoping. Then it hit me. She's not even two! She is very little still. Who cares if she doesn't love Pooh in a couple of years? She's still little. Even better, she doesn't want to be all grown up yet. She doesn't want something as grown up as Hello Kitty. She is still my baby. I should stop trying to make her grow up so fast. My mind quickly changed from Pooh?? to POOH!!! Hooray for Pooh Bear!

So, Pooh it is. I have removed all Blue Jean Teddy and Blossom from her room. Ebay, here I come. (I have TONS of stuff!) I have found some darn cute Pooh Bear items for her room. Although I promised myself I wasn't going to go overboard, I find myself searching on Ebay for drawer pulls and lamps and shelves and blankets and pillows and curtains and a Diaper Genie cover for a Diaper Genie we never use. I'm trying to keep it to a 'bear' minimum....wish me luck!


MyKidsMom said...

Oh how adorable! It's going to look great, and even better....Emma is going to love it!

Post pics of it when it is done!

Anonymous said...

I love Pooh - and I am much older than Emma. We are doing our nursery in Disney Pooh and friends.