Friday, February 16, 2007

Orange You Glad I Didn't Say Banana?

The orange hair is getting better! I stood in the shower today and washed it several, and I do mean several, times. You know how the back of the shampoo bottle has directions for use? Well, if you've ever been bored enough to read them you know that it says lather, rinse, repeat. I took that to heart and repeated and repeated and repeated again. Actually, I've often wondered how many times they expect you to repeat when you wash according to the directions. At any rate, the ten or so shampooings (is that a word?!) seemed to make a difference. Now my hair is not so carroty but more strawberry blonde. In fact, Tyler's speech therapist said it looks really pretty. Maybe I didn't screw up as badly as I first thought. Then again, maybe she was just trying to be nice. Either way, I'm happier and not nearly as afraid to go out in public.

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Julie w said...

Boycotting this here blog until pics of old dooooo are posted!!!