Saturday, February 10, 2007

Fundraising Ideas

Hey Everyone-
I need your help. I want to do a couple of additional fundraisers for our adoption. Does anyone have any ideas? Has anyone done something that has been really successful? I'm open to suggestions!



MyKidsMom said...

We had two major fundraisers. First was a spaghetti dinner with raffles and such. I wasn't sold on the idea at fist, but two of my friends really wanted to do it. Turned out to be a huge success and tons of fun.

Second, we held garage sales and let family and friends know about it. They all donated their "goods". We made a sign at the garage sale that we were raising money to adopt and people were very generous. Got lots of "keep the change".

We raised about $2000 on the dinner and then another $2000 after holding several garage sales.

In addition, I also became a Home Interiors Consultant. I made about $200 per show and tried to hold at last one show a week.

Go luck!

Jodie said...

Thanks Sue! Those are great ideas. Maybe when the weather gets warm around here I'll do a big yard sale or two. :)