Saturday, March 15, 2008

Adoption Is A Miracle!

Two of my dearest friends have adopted in the past week or so. Teri, Howie, Nicki and Gabi welcomed home baby Ellie. She was born this past Friday.
Shawn, Sue and Alex welcomed home baby Cullen. He was born on Tuesday.
The most amazing thing about this is that Teri and Sue have been friends since Gabi and Alex were tiny. The girls were both adopted through Adoption STAR, (our same adoption agency,) and were born just a couple months apart. They are best friends. Now they have Ellie and Cullen, born just a few days apart. It is just incredible how adoption has brought these families together.
I am so blessed to know them also and to have them as my friends.
Congrats again, Teri and Sue! We love you all!!


terilynnh2000 said...

I'm crying. We love you too!!!!

Sustenance Scout said...

Wonderful news! Thanks for sharing, Jodie! K.