Sunday, December 30, 2007

Nate Is Home!!

Yes, it's true! We got home last night around 6:00. HOOORRRAAYYY!!

So, I must admit that I am tired. I think I had forgotten the sleep deprivation part of having a new baby. :) Actually, Brent stayed up with him most of the night last night because I was up on Friday when I stayed with him at the hospital. Nate is a pretty easy going boy, loves to eat, LOVES to be held, and is generally pretty happy. Ty and Emma are so funny with him. Ty isn't too sure what to think and has tried to poke his eyes out a couple of times! Emmalee is in love. She holds him and kisses him and rubs his head and calls him Ate. She keeps telling me "thank you for bringing him home, Momma." Last night before going to bed she said, "don't take him back, Momma!" She was very happy to see him again this morning when she got up. She was afraid to take a nap this afternoon though, and wanted me to put him in bed with her. I know after a couple of days she'll realize he isn't going anywhere. Cutie bug. The cat is very, very curious....too much so almost. She kept jumping in his bed last night and I finally had to put her downstairs. Hopefully she'll settle in as well. All in all, things are going well. Just trying to get used to the feedings and such again. Not that I'm complaining! We are so happy to be home and life is good. Nate is a miracle!!
I'll post pics soon....Nate is calling.

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