Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I Am

I saw this on Michelle's blog and wanted to give it a shot myself. Check it out and then try writing your own "I Am" poem.
I Am

I am Brent’s wife!
I wonder how I ever got so lucky!
I hear him as he plays the piano. There is nothing I love more than listening to him play!
I see how I have changed for the better since marrying him.
I want to be the best wife possible.

I am a Mommy!
I pretend with Emmalee while we play dolls.
I feel love beyond measure for my beautiful children.
I touch their noses and fingers and toes and love to make them giggle.
I worry that I am not the best Mom I can be.
I sadden to think that I may not learn all that they are here to teach me.

I am a daughter of God.
I understand that He truly loves me.
I dream of the day that He will welcome me home with open arms.
I try to do all I can to show how much I love Him and how thankful I am for Him.
I say the things that are in my heart through prayer.
I hope that I am making Him proud.

I am me!