Sunday, July 29, 2007

You Know You're Getting Older When.....

I am closing in on my 32nd birthday. Yikes!! How did I get here? I am actually IN my 30's now. Sheesh. Anyway, I realized yesterday that some things in my life certainly point to my advancing age. Just to name a few.....
You know you're getting older when you receive a wedding announcement for a girl you used to babysit!! Holy cow, I nearly died!
You know you're getting older when you don't get carded anymore. Before your imagination goes crazy....the kids have colds. I went to Tops last night to get some cold medicine. I used the self check-out and after scanning the cold medicine it said, "please show your ID to the cashier." I'm sure they have all those weird laws for some reason. Anyway, I started taking my ID out and the cashier says, "no, you're okay." I was seriously almost offended. Please card me, lady! Don't you know my fragile ego is on the line here?
You know you're getting older when everyone calls you ma'am. The girl at the McDonald's drive through, the aforementioned checker at Tops, even the obviously older-than-me lady in the toll booth on the thru-way. I despise being called ma'am.
Well, I suppose it is inevitable. I am getting older. No matter how I try and deny it, it is happening. I'll try not to cry!!

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MyKidsMom said...

When is your b-day? You know I am soooo bad at those things.