Monday, July 23, 2007

Tyler Keeps Us Hopping!!

As most of you know, Tyler was born with a complete syndactyly on his right hand. Basically this is the medical way of saying that his middle and ring fingers are completely fused. They are attached by skin only with the bones and joints in both fingers being in tact. We have taken him to several orthopaedic hand surgeons in his three years and they have all told us the same thing. The surgery to separate the fingers is relatively simple, (if there is such a thing!). We have put it off for quite some time, mostly because we happen to love his cute little "Spiderman" fingers, thank you very much! But, I am of the mindset that if more than one doctor tells us that something is in Tyler's best interest, it is probably a good idea to listen. We have had several doctors tell us that it is time to separate them. That brings us to last Thursday. Tyler was scheduled for surgery. He was to be at the hospital at 7:15 a.m. and go into surgery at 8:30. We left Emmalee home with Collin and I took Brent and Tyler to the hospital. I came back, got Emma ready and took her to my friend for the day. I figured that by the time I got back to the hospital, Ty would already be in surgery. Not so. Turns out in the course of all the doctors coming in to see him before surgery, the anesthesiologist heard a heart murmur. Tyler has never had a heart murmur before. He did have a heart condition at birth but it corrected itself and was not something that was an issue. So, this heart murmur was a surprise. Three different anesthesiologists heard it. They actually think he may have developed it when he had pneumonia this spring. We weighed our options and decided that it was in Tyler's best interest to cancel the surgery and see a cardiologist before moving forward. We were lucky enough to be able to get in to a pediatric cardiologist tomorrow. We hope and pray that this is nothing, that the tests will show it is nothing to worry about. I'll keep you posted!


Michelle said...

That just figures! as soon as you resign yourself to go ahead w/a surgery and get all prepared mentally it has to be cancelled! It's a good thing they found the murmur though - how lucky you're able to get an appt tomorrow too. Praying it's nothing though!

Colette said...

My goodness...he does keep you on your toes! Hope and Pray everything is ok! Keep us posted!