Monday, September 12, 2011

Metal Head

Nate likes to head butt. Hard. And it hurts. I try especially hard to not be on the receiving end. We all avoid it, if possible.

Poor Em got it good the other day. I heard it hit and it hit hard. Poor little bunny. When the crying had finally ceased she said to me, "Mom, why is Nate's head made of metal?" It was all I could do to not laugh, out loud, really loudly. I failed. She was not appreciative. So I did my best to explain that his skull is made of bone, just like the rest of ours. I'm not so sure she was convinced.

Fast forward to tonight. Em had me laying on her floor and she was giving me a back massage, aka hitting me really hard karate-chop style. **Funny side she was beating me up -- I mean, massaging my back -- she says, in all seriousness, "isn't this just like being at a salon?" Of course it was. Only, not really.**

So, during the midst of my "salon massage" we could hear Natey jumping on his bed, yelling and just generally being wild. And I say to Em, "where does that kid get his energy?" And she replies, "who knows. What I wonder is where he gets his metal head from." This got me giggling for sure but her next comment had me laughing so hard I couldn't talk. She says, "you know mom, maybe black people's heads are just stronger."

Oh Em, where do you come up with this stuff?


Amy said...

This made me laugh this morning. She is a character!

Amy said...

Oh, I so needed a good laugh!

Brek head butts too, also really hard. So maybe Em knows something about black people's heads that we don't. just saying.

Love you, and hope Em feels better soon. And Brent too.