Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bag, Anyone?

Tyler is starting to realize that not everyone has a colostomy bag. Recently he lifted my shirt up and said, "momma, where's your bag?" Brent, Em and I all had to pull our shirts up and show him our bellies so he could see that we don't have bags. I think that confused him more since Nate does have a bag.

Ty is somewhat obsessed with his bag. It is a constant battle with him -- pulling the bag off, hitting the bag, lifting his shirt to get to the bag, going down his shirt to get to the bag, etc. We are constantly telling him, "Ty, don't touch your bag....don't take your bag off!"

Apparently he didn't realize that our dog, Max, doesn't have a bag. This morning things were a little bit crazy in our house. Em was sick which threw off my whole groove. I was running around trying to get everyone ready, out the door and on their buses on time. Poor Max was crying and needed to go potty. I was changing Tyler's diaper and I was ignoring Max and hoping he would be able to hold it for just a couple more minutes. He couldn't. He gave me a sheepish look and started to poop on the floor. I immediately yelled at him, "MAX, DON'T POOP!" Tyler, seeing the poop, yelled, "MAX! Don't take your bag off!"

So glad he understands the rules. Now if we could just get him to follow them.....

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