Friday, February 26, 2010


We are home! Oh, how I love that word. Emmalee put it best. "Momma, we're a whole family again." How right she is.

Ty was released yesterday afternoon. The final decision was to not put in any type of line, including a PICC. Everyone agrees that Tyler is not a great candidate for a PICC simply because he is so rough on things and would likely pull it out. I honestly can't imagine him leaving a PICC alone. So for now, he will get the remainder of his Methotrexate as a shot each week. The last two doses of Vincristine will be done in clinic, via an IV placed by the nurses. He will go into the lab each week and have a finger poke to do his bloodwork. Given how close we are to the end of treatment, this seems to be the best possible plan.

Tyler tolerated the IV Vanco well until he finally lost his IV on Wednesday. They decided not to place another one and instead switched him to high dose oral Bactrim for five more days. Provided he has an uneventful weekend, (knock on wood,) he can return to school on Monday.

All in all, things are going well. Thank you to everyone for your love, prayers and continued support!


Lanna said...

Hooray for being home! And, double hooray for being almost done with treatments!

Jan J. said...

Yay for Ty and for being a whole family again!