Thursday, January 7, 2010

Anna's Wish

I need to update....I have pictures, stories, etc. But this post is dedicated to Anna. Anna lost her battle with cancer on January 2. She was five years old. Anna was so courageous and fought for sixteen long months. Her parents are, of course, devastated.

Anna loved helping others and loved making people happy. She truly loved giving gifts to other people. As a way to honor her and her giving spirit, her parents have come up with a way to help other children who are also fighting cancer. They have created Anna's Wish.

Anna's Wish will collect donations throughout the year and will use 100% of those donations to purchase Christmas gifts for cancer patients and their siblings. What an awesome way to honor Anna!

Please consider donating to Anna's Wish. Please help keep Anna's memory alive.

God Bless You, McKinney Family!

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Jan J. said...

So sad about Anna but what a wonderful way to remember her. Jodie I am looking forward to your update. I have been wondering how Brent and Tyler are and how your trip to New York went. Since I am just a weird cyber-stalker fellow-adoptive parent but someone you don't know from Adam, I didn't feel right to ask LOL! I hope your beautiful little family is doing well and that Brent has found the treatment he needs.