Sunday, October 11, 2009

Prayers for Tyler

Tyler is having surgery in the morning to replace his g-tube. He's had the surgery before and the procedure itself doesn't scare me. I just hate having to put him through it at all. But, we know that the g-tube is necessary, especially for him to continue his chemo treatments. He is a brave boy and I'm sure he'll sail through with no trouble. He'll be inpatient at least one night, just to make sure there are no complications. Please say a little prayer for him.


Heather said...

My name is Heather,mom to Zoey who finished chemo in June for AML.I have been a silent follower since Tyler was first diagnosed.Not sure who first posted about him but no matter as I feel in love with him instantly and have followed through caringbridge ever since.He is such a fighter!Strong and resilient and so very sweet.I think he has weathered his treatments beautifully and your entire family has done a remarkable job of finding your way through your new norm.Not sure why exactly I decided to come out of hiding but here I am and I want to thank you for sharing your beautiful boy with us and giving us amazing inspiration during our own journey with Zoey.

Will pray for Tyler tomorrow.Zoey has a g-tube that she has had since birth and it has made all the difference in how she grew and got through treatment.

Take care and Godbless.

Side note:Born and raised in Upstate NY.Our oldest were born there.Binghamton to be exact and my husband is from Syracuse with all of his family still there.Know your area well!

Jason and Emily Gardner said...

I hope everything goes well Jodie. I can't even imagine having to watch your sweet little boy go through that. You guys are fighters, so i know it'll all be fine, but we'll pray for everything to go smoothly!

wsweden said...

Poor guy. Glad to hear he is doing well and can go home tomorrow. I hope this is his final surgery.