Sunday, August 9, 2009


I haven't posted Emma-Isms in awhile. That kid cracks me up!!

We were driving the other night and Emmalee was asking about school, when it will start, where they will go, etc. I told her that she only has one more year of pre-school until she goes to kindergarten. I told her that I was kind of sad and that she and her brothers are growing like weeds. She got really offended and told me, "Momma, we are not weeds. Weeds are yucky. We are growing like trees!"

Last night Emmalee asked if we could go to Chuck E Cheese after church today. We told her no, that we stay home on Sunday. She wanted to know why so we told her that Heavenly Father has asked us to stay home, not spend money, and keep the Sabbath Day holy. She thought for a few minutes and then told us that Heavenly Father told her she could go to Chuck E Cheese on Sunday. Brent asked her when He had told her that and she said, "before I left heaven."

She's got an answer for everything!!