Friday, April 17, 2009

One More Surgery....

Just a quick update.  I went to the doctor yesterday.  Things are looking good.  My ankle is finally  healing correctly.  The area where she added in the bone graft is filling in.  The tendons and ligaments are healing.  Overall, it's good news.  The best news is that I can walk!  I have to wear my boot for awhile longer but that's okay with me.  Walking is a beautiful thing.  

I do have to have one more surgery next Friday.  I have a really long screw across the joint in my ankle and she wants to go ahead and take it out.  I'm glad.  I can feel it when I walk and it isn't pleasant.  I will be really happy to have it removed.  I kind of want to ask her if I can have it after she takes it out.  Is that weird?  

I do have quite a bit of pain when I walk.  I'm sure that will just get better over time.  It's bound to be painful after not really walking for the past eight months or so.  I also have some areas of numbness in the top of my foot.  She's hoping those will get better after she removes that screw.  They may not.  I may never have full function in that ankle again.  She said it will very likely always give me problems with pain and weakness.  There go my hopes of winning the Boston Marathon.  :)


Tricia said...

It may not be the Boston Marthon, but you are winning at the important marathons of life!! I'm so glad you can walk. I don't think saving the screw is wierd at all - we still have the nail that Wade put through his thumb a while back. It alone symbolized a lot in our lives. The screw does to you. I'd ask without hesitation. Good luck!

Joy :) said...

I'm so glad that your ankle is healing and that you are able to walk!! Keep up the good work! Go ahead, ask to keep the screw. Then post it on your blog so we can all see~ :) OUCH!!!