Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tooth Trouble

Poor Natey.  He has such tooth trouble.  First of all, he didn't get any teeth until he was a year old.  Then he got both the bottom front teeth at the same time.  They were the only teeth until he started cutting all four top front teeth, at the same time.  Talk about OUCH!  Now he is cutting two bottom teeth at the same time.

As of this afternoon, he is down by one tooth.  Not 100% sure how it happened but he was in the playpen and suddenly he started crying.  But it was that cry, you know what I mean?  I stood up to check on him and there was blood.  I wasn't sure where the heck the blood had come from but when I scooped him up it was pretty obvious.  The tooth was still there and attached to it was the root.  I wasn't about to touch it and mess anything up...it was still attached to the gum at that point.  

Our pediatric emergency room has pediatric dentists so we quickly drove him over there.  By the time we got there and he was seen, the tooth had come all the way loose and he had apparently swallowed it.  Nice.  The doctor really couldn't do much for him.  He called the pediatric dentist who said that there wasn't much they could do in the ER.  So, we will have to take him to the dentist soon.

Poor little buddy.  He has a big hole and cut in his gum.  He is likely going to be toothless until his permanent tooth comes in.  That will be awhile.  I'm curious what the dentist will say.

I'll have to try and get some pictures.  He was not too keen on letting me fiddle around with his mouth tonight.

Never a dull moment, I tell you, never a dull moment.


jkribbit said...

Poor Nater! I totally dreamed that I visited you guys and was smothered in Ty, Emma and Nate hugs. It was absolutely heavenly until I woke up and realized it was only a dream :( I miss you all and I'm sending lots of love and hugs!!

Paulette said...

Poor little Nate..... hard enough to teethe but to have more than one reason why his mouth hurts too...ouch!!!

Sue said...

Oh my, the poor little man. Keep us posted.

Alison said...

Oh poor Nate! I feel so bad for the lil guy!