Monday, April 28, 2008

What Were They Thinking??

Do our children have no role models left? I am beyond disgusted by a news story on the Today Show regarding Miley Cyrus. Although Emmalee isn't old enough to watch Hannah Montana yet, she still knows who that is and recognizes Miley Cyrus in pictures. So imagine my frustration when they showed a half naked Miley from a picture taken for Vanity Fair magazine. Emmalee knew right away that it was "Hannah Tanna." Obviously this is not the type of role model I want for Emmalee. This just adds to the long line of celebrities who are letting our children down. My other issue with this is the fact that her parents allowed her to take such a photo. Honestly....what were they thinking?

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Little Miss E said...

That's it, Miss E isn't leaving her room until she's THIRTY!