Friday, April 4, 2008

Bonus Time!

We got some good news yesterday. We have a few bonus days at home. Tyler was scheduled to go in this morning for his next round of chemo, the G-Tube, bone marrow biopsy and lumbar puncture. But, because there was a problem scheduling the anesthesiologist, they are switching him to Monday. Hooray! We are thrilled to have three more days at home. I know he will be so glad to have the weekend with his Daddy.
Ty is starting to perk up a little at a time. I know he still hurts and is still very weak. But, every so often, his personality shines through a little. He is not as sleepy as he was the first few days. He crawled a little yesterday and that was great to see. He is using his signs a little more and even used his voice a couple of times yesterday. Slowly but surely he is starting to feel better. I hope next weeks hospital stay doesn't set him back too much.


Tricia said...

I'm still cheering for you lady! You are so incredible during all this! I hope this is brief and effective. How are the other kids doing?

Paulette said...

YAY for more at home time!!! Continued prayers for you guys... You're doing great! One day at a time!

Sustenance Scout said...

I was so happy to read this news on your CaringBridge page! And I just mentioned you on my blog again. Hugs from Denver, K.