Thursday, February 28, 2008

What a Difference A Day Makes!

Here's my sweet little Tyler yesterday, hanging out with the sister missionaries. So happy, so carefree. No sign of what was to come last night and today.

Here's my sweet Tyler today. He is sick. Really, really sick. He was awake most of the night last night fussing, crying, miserable. He finally got a couple hours of sleep but when he woke this morning, he was worse. He had a fever, was lethargic and pale. I called the doctor who, thankfully, got him in right away. Diagnosis? The flu. Gee, so glad we all got the non-effective flu shot this year. I was praying this wasn't going to be the diagnosis. Afterall, an ear infection, strep throat, etc. is treatable with antibiotics. The flu is not. It has to run its course for who knows how long. It has to hang out, making my baby miserable. He hurts so bad that he won't move, won't use his arms, won't crawl. It's not that he can't move, use his arms or crawl -- he just won't. And who can blame him? He is in agony.

I hate seeing my children ill. It breaks my heart. I wish I could take it all away and make it all better. I wish with all my heart that a kiss really could heal. I wish no child had to go through these things.

Please say a little prayer for Tyler. Also, please pray that Emmalee and Nathaniel don't get ill as well. I don't think my heart could handle seeing any more of my children in such pain.


jkribbit said...

I'm so sorry Tyler is sick again! Please give him an extra kiss for me.

amy flege said...

i hope tyler is feeling better.. poor lil man. the flu sucks!!!!!