Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sometimes Life Just Is

You know what I mean? Right now all is fine. Not great, necessarily, but certainly not bad either. Just life. We're busy with kids, work, etc. Nothing overly exciting going on but all is well.
I suppose I should be more thankful for the times when life just is. It means that things are going well, even, comfortable. The kids are happy. We are happy. Life is.....well, I guess right now life is good. Right now it is comforting to know that sometimes life just is.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Please Vote for Ty & Emma

I entered a photo contest and you can help us win! Just click on the links and vote for Tyler & Emmalee. Thanks!!



Monday, November 12, 2007

Emmalee's First Haircut

Those of you who know Emmalee know that she doesn't have a ton of hair yet. But, what she does have was starting to grow in a little unevenly. We decided she had a bit of a mullet. My friend Gwen came over a few nights ago to give Tyler and I haircuts and Emma was determined to get her's cut as well. She was so good! I couldn't believe she sat so still. Gwen trimmed it up and evened it out in the back and it really does make a difference.

Emmalee's First Haircut
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Happy Fall!

Happy Fall
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Monday, November 5, 2007

More Emma-isms

Here's today's dose of Emma-isms....
A little bit ago I could hear her playing in her room. Suddenly she yelled and started saying, "help me, help me!" Of course, I ran in there and asked what was wrong. She had a perplexed look on her face and said, "Momma, I just re'tending!"

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Fall Back -- Blah!

There are three things I miss about living in Arizona. Family/Friends, good restaurants and CONSTANT DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME! Yes, it's true, apparently Arizona is one of the only states in the union that actually knows what it is doing as far as daylight savings time goes. They simply don't change.
Personally, I despise leaving daylight savings time. Why can't they just make it one way or the other and leave it? I know, I know, there are all those "scientific" answers such as energy savings and being able to spend more time outside in the summer evenings. I say Bah Humbug and hooey! (Picture me sticking my tongue out!) All it does for me when we change the time back or forward is throw off my kids' sleep schedules for two weeks. Plus, I seriously get depressed when it starts getting dark at 3:00 in the afternoon during the winter. Who cares that it is lighter in the morning, I'm not a morning person. I LOVE that is it still light outside at 9:00 at night in the summer. I wish it were that way in the winter as well. If I'm ever elected president, I will make daylight savings time permanent. Too bad that will never happen.