Friday, October 12, 2007

21 Things About Tyler....

October is Down syndrome awareness month. Down syndrome is also known as Trisomy 21. In honor of this, I am following the lead of my fellow bloggers and posting 21 things about Tyler.
1. Tyler is generally very, very happy! He is easy going and super mellow most of the time. He is the easiest three year old I have ever known!
2. Tyler has very beautiful chocolate brown eyes. I love them!
3. Tyler's smile can light up a whole room. It is impossible to be sad once he flashes that smile.
4. Tyler has silly little laugh when he is truly happy. We call it the "W" laugh because it sounds very similar to George W. Bush.
5. Tyler is adopted and yes, we chose to adopt a child with special needs. (We get this question a lot!)
6. Tyler had cataracts in both eyes when he was born and had to have them surgically removed. Because of this, he now has glasses.
7. Tyler gives the best kisses ever!
8. Tyler is learning new words all the time. He is also learning to combine the words with the sign which is awesome!
9. Tyler loves to sleep on his tummy with his hands tucked under him. He does a little sort of shimmy to get into a comfortable position.
10. When Ty wakes up from a nap or in the morning, he rarely cries. He usually just starts "talking" until someone comes in to get him. Once we go in his room he either claps or yells, HEEEYYYY!
11. Tyler loves to go, go, go! He will ask to go about a million times a day. He really doesn't care where we go, as long as he's invited along.
12. Tyler loves to pull hair and thinks it is really funny when we tell him no.
13. Ty loves his Daddy!! He is a Daddy's boy through and through and will spend hours laying on Daddy on the couch watching TV.
14. We are all in the habit of calling him Bo Bo because that's what Emma has always called him. Now he will pat himself and say "BO BO!" It's adorable!
15. Tyler LOVES music. Any kind of music but especially Brent playing the piano. He will stand next to the piano bench and dance and clap. He is Daddy's biggest fan!
16. Tyler love the Doodlebops and gets really excited when they are on TV. Again, I think it is all because of the music.
17. Tyler loves to stand on the couch and look out the window. He likes to wave to all the cars.
18. Tyler loves the cold! He is truly a winter boy. He loves the cold wind on his face. He really dislikes being too hot and that is one of the few things that will make him really unhappy.
19. Ty has a huge crush on his speech therapist, Tasha. When he gets home from school I always ask him, "did you see Miss Tasha?" and he always giggles and gets really shy. I love it!
20. Tyler can make even the crankiest person smile and giggle. He can melt the hardest heart.
21. Tyler is perfect in every way and we are truly blessed to have him in our family!!


Becky said...

Jodie you are right - he does bring a smile to my face everytime I see his picture or read a story about him. Sometimes I forget that I have never actually met him in person.

Julie said...

That makes me laugh about his crush. I want to see. :) I can't believe how fast he seems to be growing up!

terilynnh2000 said...

What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful little man. We love him soo much!