Monday, May 13, 2013

Dear Mom

Dear Mom-

Remember that time in the fourth grade when I was supposed to make an Indian village out of clay?  You stayed up until who knows when creating the perfect village.  I couldn't believe it the next morning.  You made a tee-pee.  You made a fire pit using little rocks and real ash.  You put tiny sticks for logs next to the fire pit.  You crafted a river out of aluminum foil and made a canoe out of clay.  You must have worked for hours and hours.  It was incredible.  I wish we had a picture.  I got an A+ and my teacher asked if she could keep it to use as an example for others.  I felt on top of the world.  And I'm pretty sure I didn't give you nearly enough credit.  

Remember that time in the fifth grade when I had to make a book labeling all of the steps of the scientific process?  Once again, you stayed up all night making the perfect book.  It had art work.  It had perfect handwriting.  It was neat and easy to follow.  And I got an A+.  I wish I still had it.  It was the best book in all of fifth grade, I'm sure of it.

Remember all the other projects you helped me with?  Eighth grade Science Fair comes to mind.  We worked so hard on that project and it paid off.  I got one of the top five awards for our city.  I was so proud.  

A few months ago I helped Emmalee make a turkey project for school.  She had to "dress" her turkey.  We decided on a Victorian bride.  She turned out lovely.  

Our little project took nearly four hours.  And I was wiped out.  I had blisters on my fingers from the glue gun.  There were pieces of purple turkey feathers all over the kitchen.  I failed to take the teacher's advice and got a bit carried away.  But it was so fun to work on something with my girl.  It was great to see her enthusiasm for our project.  It was all worth it when she thanked me for all my hard work when we were done.

Now I know why you worked so hard on all those projects.  Now I understand how much you enjoyed it.  I only hope I thanked you enough.  I hope I let you know how much you were appreciated.  Just in case I didn't, I wanted to say thank you.

I love you, Mom.  For this and countless other reasons!!  Happy Mother's Day!