Sunday, January 2, 2011


Wow, I can hardly believe that Christmas has come and gone and we are already two days into the new year. 2010 seems to have gone by really quickly. I'm glad. It wasn't the easiest year for our family. Not the most difficult either but none the less, I am glad to see it go.

We have enjoyed having the kids home for Christmas break. We are also looking forward to them heading back to school tomorrow. I think Ty is most excited. He has asked for his teacher and aide every single day since break started. He loves those ladies and everyone else in his class. What a blessing!

Emmalee has been cracking us up, as usual. Here are a few new Emma-Isms --

Em came home and told me that she told her teacher that our family speaks Spanish. I was surprised by this since we don't. At all. I told her that we don't in fact speak Spanish and she said, "of course we do. You know, uno, dos, tres....." Love it!

Em has been singing a lot lately. The funny part is that she doesn't really know the words. Some of our favorite renditions are "Fa-lees La De Dah, Fa-lees La De Dah, Fa-lees La De Dah oh blah, blah, blah." "You get your head up over...." (This is her version of the Hannah Montana theme song.) She's a hoot.

Natey is doing pretty well for the most part. I think Brent and I have resigned ourselves to the fact that he is going to have to have a colostomy. This was not an easy decision for us. But watching him struggle with the constant constipation is agonizing. We are going to make another appointment with the surgeon and see what our options are.

Brent is still struggling a great deal. He is trying a new medication given by IV infusion. We are praying it will help to relieve his symptoms. So far there has been no change but we've been told that it could take several doses.

Our Christmas was good. Very low key. It was a nice day and we sure enjoyed being together as a family.

We have a new family member. Max is a four month old yorkie poo who weighs in at a whopping five pounds. He is nothing but fluff and love. He is a super good puppy who LOVES the kids! It took us several months and lots of talking with doctors and such to find a dog that Emmalee wouldn't be allergic to. So far she has done great with Max and we are praying he will be a permanent member of our family. He is a love!!

The new year brings about thoughts of resolutions. I hate making them because I usually fail and I really don't like that. There is something I've wanted to do for a long time, though, and my brother in law Kyle and I sort of challenged each other to do it. I am keeping a photo a day blog for the year and hoping I can keep up on it. The new blog address is I think it will be a lot of fun!

Here's hoping the new year brings peace, joy and good health!

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