Monday, November 22, 2010

Eye Color and Love

Dear Emmalee,

I adore you! You are one of the sweetest little people I know.

Sometimes I wonder if you will ever sleep through the night in your own bed. You are almost six, you know.

Okay, the truth is that I secretly like that you come snuggle with us. We could set a clock by you. It is almost always 1:00 a.m when you come in. Sometimes you are a bit cranky and get a little irritated if I don't move over right away. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and don't even remember you coming in. And sometimes, like two nights ago, the best thing in the whole world happens.

As usual, you came in right around 1:00. You snuggled right into me and I was still kind of awake so I said hello to you and then you and I had the best conversation. You were so smiley and had the sweetest little whispery voice. You told me how much you love me, (all the way to the moon, all the countries, all the states, all of China, all the way back to the bottom of the deep blue sea, all of New York and all around the world.) And then you asked me how much I love you. (All around the world forever, all the way through the entire universe and all the way back to the bottom of the deep blue sea.) You told me how much you love daddy and Tyler and Nate. You told me that you're glad I'm your momma. It was perfect. It made me so very happy! I told you that you and I and daddy have the same color eyes. And guess what you said? You told me "that's how we know we were meant to be together forever!" You know what, sweet girl? You're right. We were meant to be together forever. No doubt about it. You were meant to be our girl and we were meant to be your momma and daddy. What an incredible gift it is to be a forever family!

I know that someday, all too soon, I will wake up and you won't be snuggled in bed with us. I'll stay awake until 1:00 in the morning and you won't come in. You'll be too big. And when that day comes, I will be sad. I may even cry a little. But no matter what, I will always have the memory of one perfect night, snuggled tight with my baby girl, whispering about how much we love each other. Thank you for giving me that amazing gift, Emmalee. I am so blessed to be your momma!




Amberly said...

That made me smile! What a sweet girl and a wonderful conversation!

Anonymous said...

This made me cry!! So many memories of my own babies curled up in my armpit in the middle of the night. I am glad that you are smart enough to memorize and cherish the moments that some might complain about...........but which someday will be your sweetest memories of this mortality! I predict your children will rise up and call you "blessed".

Amy said...

That is a memory to hold on to and cherish. Thanks for sharing.

Ashlee said...

Yep, I'm crying. What a sweet memory.

Jean said...

What a terrific entry this is! Aren't kids the most insightful too? I love hearing great stuff like this and that you have this blog, your children will always know how you felt. {{Hugs}}

Becker Family said...

You just brought me to tears! I just thought I'd take a look at your blog - haven't been on for a little while. What a sweet memory! Hope your cute family is doing well!

Annie said...

Oh man, I just love you guys! You are just a good mom, to savor those middle of the night moments.