Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hooray For Home!!

I am home! They released me last night and I got home about 6:00. I am so glad to be home. The kids were happy to see me and it was wonderful to sleep in my own bed. There's just no rest in the hospital!
I had surgery on my right foot on Monday. It is very sore and I won't be able put any pressure on it at all for twelve long weeks. That should make life very interesting. The left foot is in a big brace, kind of like a boot. I can put pressure on it, thank goodness. It is still sore but I think it is healing pretty well. The swelling seems to be down some and it doesn't throb nearly as much as the right foot. Luckily, after more x-rays, they found that there were no broken bones in the left foot. But, the sprain was really bad and there was some ligament damage. Nothing like the right foot but still enough to cause a good injury. I will probably have to wear the boot on it for a couple of weeks and then it should be healed up enough to go without.
My right foot is in a plaster cast of sorts and I can still feel how swollen the ankle is. The doctor said it will swell for quite awhile. After a few weeks they should be able to switch it to a fiberglass cast which will make things like bathing a lot easier. I still won't be able to put any pressure on it but at least it will be easier to manage.
Obviously I can't drive so that is going to make life tricky. Brent is going to have to take the next several Fridays off of work in order to take Tyler to clinic. We also have to have someone here at the house whenever Brent isn't home because I can't take care of the kids by myself. The help we have received already has been tremendous and we are so appreciative! Thanks to everyone for constantly lifting our family up in prayer as well. We certainly couldn't make it through all of our trials without all of you!


jkribbit said...

Welcome Home!! You crazy lady! I can't believe you can't put any pressure on your right foot for 12 whole weeks! That is insane. (Wow, I'm doing a great job of minimizing your stress - aren't I?) Okay - time to look for silver're already laid up so you can feel less guilty for watching the Olympics all the time, you have a really good excuse not to answer the door for solicitors, you have a great excuse for not exercising, you will get plenty of adult interaction with someone else helping you take care of the kids, you have a great excuse to have someone else do all the cleaning...I'll keep thinking of more!

What can I do to help? Lots of love and hugs to everyone!

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