Wednesday, September 29, 2010

31 for 21

I have seen the 31 for 21 blog challenge the past couple of years and always think I will commit to doing it. And then I don't. This year I decided to step it up and make the commitment.

What is 31 for 21? Well, October is Down syndrome awareness month. Down syndrome is also known as Trisomy 21. So, 31 for 21 is 31 days in October to blog about Down syndrome. Hooray!

I am excited to share more about Down syndrome on my blog and to blog more often in general. So watch all may get real sick of me by the time the month is over.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Things NOT to ask adoptive parents.....

I saw this post today on another blog and just had to share it. Yes, we have been asked many of these questions. Not only are thy inappropriate, they are hurtful. I know most people mean no harm but it can be very frustrating. I LOVE to talk about adoption, especially with those who are genuinely interested. However, I don't like being asked silly questions by total strangers, especially in front of my children.

As adoptive parents to children with special needs, it seems that the questions are even more inappropriate. If I don't know you personally, it isn't your business. End of discussion.

There are some things that I know for sure. I know that we are blessed with three amazing children. I know that adoption is a miracle! I know that our children were meant to be in our family. I know that all of the years struggling with infertility, all of the tears, all of the fear and worry that we would never be parents, all of the heartache and pain and agony -- it was all worth it. These children, these amazing children, are ours in every sense of the word. No, they are not flesh of my flesh or bone of my bone but they are miraculously my own. No, they didn't grow under my heart. But they grew in it. I can not imagine our lives without these incredible children. I am truly blessed to be their mother.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Conversation with Emmalee

Emmalee: "Mom, what happens if you die first?" Me: "Then dad will take care of you." Em: "Oh, so what happens if dad dies first?" Me: "Then I'll take care of you." Long pause.....Em: "Huh, I sure hope you die first."

Nice to know how I rank around here! I couldn't help but laugh. She is too much!