Saturday, April 25, 2009

Surgery Update

Surgery went well yesterday. I was in and out in about four hours. What I didn't anticipate was how awful I would feel afterwards. I threw up quite a bit yesterday which has never really happened to me after surgery. I was really surprised considering it was a minor procedure compared to the others.

Today hasn't been much better. Thankfully the throwing up is over but I feel like I was hit by a truck.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!

For those of you who are curious, I did keep the screw she removed. I'll post some pics soon.

Thanks to everyone for checking in. I truly appreciate your love and support!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

But Not That Much!

I haven't posted any Emma-isms for awhile.  That isn't to say that there haven't been any.  Here are a two of the latest.....

This morning Brent was digging through our loose change container to find some quarters. Here's the conversation between he and Emma.

Emma - Daddy, get out of my money!!

Daddy - This is your money?  I don't see your name on it.

Emma - But it IS my money.  Get out of there.  Quit stealing my coins.

Daddy - Emma, I don't see your name on it.

Emma - Mommy, can you put my name on that?

This afternoon Emmalee was irritated with me for one reason or another.  I finally told her that it was time for nap.  I gave her her juice and she headed down the hall.  I said, "Emmalee, I love you."  She turned around and yelled, "Yeah, I love you too!  But not that much!"  At least I know she loves me.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

True Beauty Comes From Within

Please watch this incredible video.  

And then read this article.

Baby Steals

If you have children, (or even if you don't,)  you have to check out Babysteals.

Baby Steals is an amazing website.  Each day, at 9:00 am MST, they post a new "steal".  It is always something fun and always at an incredible price.  For example, I have purchased Robeez Shoes, Teething Bling jewelry for moms, Signing Time videos, Zoobie Pets, Baby Legs and a host of other items all at savings of at least 50%.  They only have a limited number of each steal per day and once they're gone, they're gone.  Let me tell you, nothing makes me cry harder than the fact that I missed some adorable Robeez for Nate the other day.  They were only $18.47 and they were gone in a flash.  I'm still sad!

I generally have myself planted at the computer at exactly 9:00 am MST every day so that I can check out the daily steal.  I get super excited when I get an item.  I have purchased a few things that I otherwise wouldn't be able to afford.  I also like to try things that I may not otherwise purchase but because it's such an awesome deal, I try it out.  

Babysteals is having a birthday and they are giving away a $150 gift certificate.  I'm thinking of how many amazing steals I could get with that!  Check them out!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

One More Surgery....

Just a quick update.  I went to the doctor yesterday.  Things are looking good.  My ankle is finally  healing correctly.  The area where she added in the bone graft is filling in.  The tendons and ligaments are healing.  Overall, it's good news.  The best news is that I can walk!  I have to wear my boot for awhile longer but that's okay with me.  Walking is a beautiful thing.  

I do have to have one more surgery next Friday.  I have a really long screw across the joint in my ankle and she wants to go ahead and take it out.  I'm glad.  I can feel it when I walk and it isn't pleasant.  I will be really happy to have it removed.  I kind of want to ask her if I can have it after she takes it out.  Is that weird?  

I do have quite a bit of pain when I walk.  I'm sure that will just get better over time.  It's bound to be painful after not really walking for the past eight months or so.  I also have some areas of numbness in the top of my foot.  She's hoping those will get better after she removes that screw.  They may not.  I may never have full function in that ankle again.  She said it will very likely always give me problems with pain and weakness.  There go my hopes of winning the Boston Marathon.  :)

Everything To Me!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dancing Machine

Tyler LOVES to dance!  He really gets into it.  Enjoy!

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ABC's & 123's

This is a pretty big file and takes awhile to load.  But, if you can get it to work, it is so worth it!!  Enjoy!

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Family Fun

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Tyler LOVES to slide!

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Thursday, April 9, 2009


I suppose it's high time I updated around here.  It has been awhile.  We are doing alright.  Sometimes I think that we live in the house that germs built.  We've all been sick on and off the past couple of weeks.  Okay, who am I kidding?  We've been sick on and off for the last several months.  Seems like someone starts the cycle and it runs through everyone then we're all well for a few days and someone starts it off again.  That someone always seems to be Emmalee.  I think she is picking up the germies at school and bringing them home with her.  I will be so thankful when it is summer!

Tyler has been doing well.  He is such a strong little man!  He seems to be learning something new all the time.  He is also walking 90% of the time now and I LOVE it!  He is just too funny to watch.  He has many new words and "talks" so much more now.  He is also quite the jokester!  He gets a huge kick out of making us laugh.  

The best news of all is that Tyler got the green light from his doctors to go back to school!  I am excited but also a little nervous.  It is going to be hard to let him go after being so super cautious and protective this past year.  But, he is going to be so happy getting back to school.  We met with the district representative recently and hopefully we'll find out soon if Ty has a spot in pre-k to finish out the school year.  

Emmalee is enjoying pre-school.  It is a really fun program and I am happy that she has had the opportunity to go this year.  We are planning to send her to the same program again in the Fall.  

Emmalee turned four on the 6th.  It is almost impossible for me to believe that at this time next year she will be getting registered for kindergarten.  Where did the time go?  

This past week has been full of parties for Emma.  She had her friend party at Chuck E Cheese on the 4th, her family party at home on the night of her birthday and a little party at school on the 7th.  After she got home from school that day she asked me when the next party was.  She wasn't too thrilled when I let her know that the parties are now finished.  

Nathaniel is a wild man!!  We have decided that trying to hold him is like trying to hold a Tasmanian Devil.  He is so busy and wiggly.  He is constantly on the go and he is never quiet when he's awake.  He crawls 100 miles an hour and cruises the furniture, pulls himself up to "play" the piano and drives Ty & Emma crazy!  (Isn't that what little brothers are for?)  Seeing how far he has come is incredible.  He is truly a miracle boy!  He still has a way to go developmentally but I have no doubt that he will catch up and do well.  

Last week we took all three kids to the eye doctor.  Emmalee had recently developed some issues with eye crossing.  I thought it was just me noticing until her pre-k teacher told me she was noticing it also.  The boys were due for check ups as well so we took everyone.  

Tyler's eyes are improving which is fantastic.  He is still very visually impaired but they are getting better a little at a time.  He still needs to have the lens replacement surgeries but his Oncologist wants to wait until he is further along in his leukemia treatment.

Nathaniel's eyes are still doing well.  He does have some crossing issues but the doctor didn't think that he needs correction at this time.

The real news is that Emmalee had to get glasses.  She is severely farsighted and her prescription was pretty strong.  I was surprised!  I expected that she would need glasses but didn't realize just how bad her vision is.  I am really glad we got her in.  She, of course, chose pink glasses. They are soooo cute on her!!  (I will post pics soon!)

I go back to the doctor next Thursday and I am hoping that she is going to give me the green light on walking.  I am beyond ready!  She said at my last appointment that there is a chance she will have to do one more surgery to remove one of the larger screws that goes across the joint.  I am really hoping she doesn't have to do that but I suppose it isn't the end of the world if she does.  She also said that quite simply, my ankle will never be the same.  I will probably always have pain and weakness.  I may have to wear some sort of brace.  I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Brent is doing well and keeping busy.  He has had several out of town trips lately.  We sure miss him when he's gone!!  He is still having some health issues and we're working to figure out exactly what is happening.  One thing we did find out is that his vitamin D levels were extremely low.  He is now taking a supplement and starting to feel some improvement.  

I suppose that's enough for now.  :)  I will get busy and post some pictures soon!!